ApHusysoffers afree version for a User which begins immediately upon account activation as may be applicable as per the ApHusysPricing terms.

At any time during the period you can cancel your account. If the user desirous to sign the further association with ApHusys, User must communicate the same intention to sign thru the website assignment for further association as client to ApHusys. Whereas ApHusys upon receiving the communication of such intent shall carry on the works and processes relating to the Assignment with the relevant subscription plans as apt for your business.

During the periodas a User under a free Version you will be assigned access as per the package selection in ApHusys.

We charge and collect payments in advance for use of our service and all services rendered, are non-refundable and we do not offer refunds or credits for partial months, quarters, or years of service.

All prices quoted are exclusive of all taxes and duties imposed by taxing authorities and other Authorities where-soever they are located and you are responsible for payments of all such taxes and duties.

Customers can upgrade or downgrade their account at any time. If you choose to upgrade your account by further subscriptions, however, if you choose to downgrade we will not issue any refunds or credits for partial months.

How do I cancel my account?

If you wish to permanently delete your account and all its data, you can do this from the admin account by going to Company/Delete account. This is an automated process which cannot be undone and results in all your data being removed from the system so please use this with caution.

If you do cancel your account in the middle of the valid subscription period will remain active until expiry. Please note, we do not issue refunds or credits for partial months.